Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm what you would call 'craft-impaired'. Try as I might, my glitter never falls nicely, my rhinestones are a little off, and my stitching isn't necessarily pretty. Passable-yes. Pretty-no.

I attempt crafts- I'm just one of those unfortunate individuals who's project doesn't quite turn out. It's not horrible, it's not admirable, it just 'is'.

So imagine the twinge of jealously I felt when I walked into one of the local knitting shops only to discover that not only can these people knit yarn, but they can apparently KNIT METAL:

Truly, I'm more impressed than jealous...and by "more impressed" I mean "totally desperate to own all of these". Seriously, how cool are those? I'd say especially cool, considering they're locally handmade. 

Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to learn to make these myself...

HA! Who am I kidding? I can barely put my earrings in somedays, let alone knit up an entire a bracelet. What I really mean is: 

Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to ship one of these off to a lucky blog reader- provided there actually ARE any blog readers. 

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