Monday, July 2, 2012

Sushi Vibes

Can I just say that I love the town I work and live in? Aside from all of it's other stellar qualities (which will be revealed in due time) I have to say that I'm totally in love with the sushi selection in my neck of the woods. Granted, I've had sushi fresh from the East Coast- they make a mean 'octopus taco' as my dear Auntie M calls it. However, I think my local sushi joints are pretty darn impressive for Southern Minnesota. Case in point? The Sashimi Cocktail at Tokyo Grill in Northfield-

Isn't it puuurdy? The martini glass changed colors and made me have all sorts of conflicting feelings about raw fish protocol- Do you try to drink it? Do you just watch the pretty lights? Why didn't I order that? How cold is that fish? Can fish look 'refreshing'?



Anyway- the point is, I'm fortunate enough to have my small town boutique vibe and big city palate all nestled together in one lovely town. Now if you'll excuse me, I find I've developed a sudden hankering for Spicy Tuna...

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