Monday, July 2, 2012

The What and Why of it All

I get Minnesota Nice, I really do. Hell- I STRIVE to be MN Nice on a daily basis. Is it difficult? Ya. Do I sometimes get the short end of the stick? Sure. Do I sometimes want to abandon the smile and simply scream? You betcha. 

However, I've come to realize that if I can hold the frustration at bay and instead force myself to be as charming, as friendly, as *nice* as possible, the situations that make me want to pull my hair out often resolve themselves in an anti-climatic and, dare I say, satisfying manner. And if not, there's always wine. Additionally (in the interest of preserving my liver) there is now also blogging. No- this will not be a blog dedicated to passive-aggressive rantings. I have enough stress surrounding me daily- I don't need to spend time typing it all out and spreading it around the internet. Instead, I'd like to fill this blog with happy things: musings, recipes, tips and tricks, pictures- a hodgepodge of happiness that takes place here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.   

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