Monday, September 3, 2012

Because 'Labor Day' Translates to 'Lazy Day' in L.Z. Speak

I had so many productive intentions today. I took tons of pictures from my weekend with the fam- even managing to document The Older Sister making a scrumptious apple tart. I was going to do a huge post- apple recipes, pictures from the farm, pictures of the fam, memories, hopes, dreams.... (well, maybe not those last few...)

But then I got lazy.

I wanted to make Chocolate Cobbler Cake, but I realized that would mean putting forth an effort. Of course, you'll need to understand that I was totally willing to pony-up if it meant I would reap sweet, chocolately rewards. The thought of hot, fudgy chocolate sauce and cake with creamy vanilla ice-cream definitely motivated me.

But then I realized I didn't have any ice-cream.

At this point, I had been dead-set on cake and ice-cream. If I was going to get off my butt and make a cake,  I was going to eat it the way I wanted it: with ice-cream. So...I went to the grocery store. This was a convenient venture, as I also realized I didn't have any food at home.

I'm back now, and there is still no vanilla ice-cream in my freezer, nor Chocolate Cobbler Cake in my oven. Before you call me a lazy oaf, let me show you why I decided to forget my previous desert plans:

That, boys and girls, is heaven on earth. Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. Holy cow. It's creamy, it's caramely, it's got the perfect salty tang....vanilla ice-cream never stood a chance. And yes, I couldn't be bothered to take a picture before I sampled a rather large portion of this tasty treat. Congrats- you now have photographic proof of my gluttony. 

Also, can I just say that I'm thrilled that it comes in a reusable plastic jar? Cute, practical, and delicious. This gelato has stolen my heart. There were a few other flavors, including a raspberry sorbet. I think I might just have to work my way through them all. And after that task is complete, I'm sure I'll be very comfortable in my diabetic coma. 

Happy Labor Day! 

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