Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm in the midst of a Sunday Bake-a-thon, which means that all this sugar is making me crave something savory. I figured steak was a little too indulgent for lunch (also, it wasn't fully defrosted...) so I turned to a recipe that's stupidly simple, but ridiculously delicious: 3 ingredient meatballs.

I'm sure many of you have seen this recipe on the back of a Heinz Chili Sauce bottle before. I had never tried it until last fall, when my friend Katie whipped these up in the slow-cooker. I walked in the door and was instantly over-taken by the smell of something mouth-watering. I ate my weight in meatballs that night. No regrets.

So, for all of you who haven't tried this recipe, I would highly encourage it! These would be great for casual entertaining, football watching, etc....

3 Ingredient Meatballs
1 bottle chili sauce (you can use Heinz, or be a cheap-o like me and use the store brand. doesn't really matter..)
1 (14 oz)can jellied cranberry sauce
2 pd bag of frozen meatballs (i'd go for the plain, non-seasoned kind)

Ready for this? Dump all of it into a crock-pot and heat until meatballs are warmed through. Or do it on the stove. Either way. Bam. Delicious meatballs are now yours.

Like I said, this is a stupidly simple recipe. I was a little concerned when I opened my can of jellied cranberry sauce and found that it was one, gelatinous lump, but I just spooned out globs of it over the meatballs. Once things start heating up, the sauce becomes smooth. Besides, with words like 'globs' and 'gelatinous' involved, how could this recipe not work out?

But seriously. Make the meatballs.

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