Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Sitting Still...

I feel useless. Not in the silly "my life is a black hole of oblivion/where's my eyeliner and ear-gauges" sort of way, but in the "I can't bend over or wash my hair" sort of way. Why, you ask?


Don't I look fabulous? Having one's nose cut open really does give one's complexion that fresh-faced glow.   

So, here's how my week has gone thus far:

Monday- My birthday! Which I spent at work. No big deal, but because I was having surgery bright and early Tuesday morning, I couldn't partake in any birthday dinner, birthday drink, or general birthday tom-foolery. 

Tuesday- Surgery day! The nurse tried three times to put the IV in, each attempt bringing my mother's hand closer to danger. When I started discussing going back to work on Wednesday (as the nurse who booked my surgery assured me I could do) my doctor laughed and told me I wouldn't be doing much of anything for 10 days. Then it was my turn to laugh. 10 days was just simply not going to happen. I work in advertising. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Ha. We compromised with Monday or Tuesday. Of course, I only agreed to appease him...Thursday, here I come!

Wednesday- It feels as though I have surgical packing up to my eyebrows. I was able to make it through the night with no bouts of bleeding, illness or the need for more pain meds, which I think is a good sign. However, all the creepy mouth-breathing that I have to do now makes for one hell of a sore throat. I'm still convinced that I could be at work today (albeit a bit loopy). Though, after being threatened with nose-bleeds so ferocious I could require a blood transfusion (and I think I've exceed my yearly quota of needle pokes) I think I'll sit today out. 


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