Saturday, January 26, 2013

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

Nothing makes me happier than using leftovers to create a dish that actually tastes like it was done purposefully.

Last weekend I slow-cooked a 5 pound pork shoulder. I adapted the Dr. Pepper method from the Pioneer Woman for my slow cooker. Super simple, crazy delicious. I set it to go overnight...can you imagine that mouthwatering wake-up call? I scarcely touched a fork to the meat before it fell off the bone.

But one can only eat so many pulled pork sandwiches in a week! Thursday night, I got it in my head that I was going to do something spectacular with that pork on Friday. I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back now:

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

To make the pulled pork:
  • 5 pound pork shoulder/pork butt
  • 2 cans Dr. Pepper
  • 1/2 to 1 small can chilis in adobe sauce
  • 2 TB brown sugar 
  • Salt, Pepper, Onion and Garlic powder (because I'm a loser and don't like actual onions...)
Liberally season your pork with the salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Place in the slow cooker, fatty side up. Depending on how hot you like things, roughly chop 1/2 to 1 can of chilis in adobe sauce. Position the chilis to rest on the top of the pork. Pour the Dr. Pepper around the meat, sprinkle in the brown sugar, then cover and set on low for 10-12 hours. 

When the pork is fall off the bone tender, take a spoon and scrape off the top layer of fat (this is why you put it fat side up!) and remove any other fat visible. Shred the pork and allow to soak in cooking juices for an additional hour. 

Olive Oil Pizza Dough (scaled down from Artisan Bread in 5):
  • 1 3/8 cup warm water
  • 3/4 TB yeast
  • 3/4 TB salt
  • 1/2 TB sugar
  • 1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 1/4 cup flour 
Mix water, salt, yeast, sugar and olive oil together in a large bowl. (If you have a dough hook for an electric mixer, you can use that instead)

Mix in flour with a wooden spoon. Ensure that the flour has been evenly incorporated (you may have to use your hands), but be careful not to knead the dough. Cover loosely with a lid or plastic wrap and allow the dough to sit at room temp for 2 hours. (Since it's winter in MN and my 'room temp' is not suitable for bread, I set mine in the oven with the light on)

After the dough has risen and flattened, cover the container a bit more firmly and store in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

To make the pizza:

Preheat oven to 450

Cut two grapefruit sized balls from the dough. On a flour surface, gently stretch the dough to desire thickness. Place on an oiled baking sheet. 

Spoon a thin layer of BBQ sauce on the dough. Add desired amount of pulled pork and thinly chopped shallots or onions (I added that to the man's pizza, not mine.) 

Crumble on some good blue cheese and a bit of cheddar. The pizza will be very rich from the BBQ and the pork, so go easy here. 

Bake for 15-17 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the crust is turning golden. Brush the crusts with garlic butter, and top the pizzas with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, red pepper flakes, and Parmesan.  

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