Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's Been Awhile...

Oh. Hi.

This is awkward.

I realize that taking a hiatus when a blog is still in it's infancy probably doesn't bode well for gaining popularity.

I would say that things have been hectic, that the last few months have nearly run me off my feet...well hell. I will say that. It's true....but just because it's true doesn't mean that it's an excuse as to why I've sluffed off.

If it's any consolation, dear internet friends, I've also done abysmally at keeping up my relationship with the gym, the kitchen, the cleaning bucket, the laundry basket, the penpal, the college friends....


I guess the thing is that when I get busy, when I get overwhelmed, I let the things I love and enjoy fall by the wayside. I try to catch myself and take a breather when I notice this happening, but sometimes there's just no way to stop.

After my surgery in early November, I found myself struggling with recovery much more than anticipated. Apart from the general post-op pain and inconveniences of a nasal surgery (i.e. mouth breathing and kleenex galore) there was also a painful allergic reaction to my antibiotics, delayed post-anesthesia insomnia, and a (TMI, forgive me) bladder infection that seemed hell-bent on meeting my kidneys. Additionally, work was......astonishingly stressful.

Enter December: health restored, work still hectic. After a brief two weeks home for Thanksgiving, the Man was gone again- this time to Korea. Did you know the time difference between Korea and MN makes it so that someone there is going to bed just before you wake up? Did you know that this time difference/distance is even more apparent when you cannot call or text one another? And finally, did you know that not being able to see, touch, or talk to that one person can make you feel very alone in the quiet of the night, especially when your world seems to be crumbling more and more each day?

It was a difficult year's end.

But I created this blog so that I could share nice things. Happy things. Pleasant things. I created this blog so that I could take a break from frustration, stress, anger, and the otherwise unkind. I should be doing what I set out to do.

So, hi. I'm back.


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