Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation is Grrrrrrrreat!

My little brother and sister had their high school graduation bash this past weekend. Despite a week of dreary weather, Sunday managed to be bright and sunny for their party.

Don't worry- the gloom promptly came back. Somewhere, a super villain is laughing maliciously and vowing that summer will never come to Minnesota.

Anyway. Shopping for girls is easy. Shopping for boys can be tricky.

I wanted to get the Bro something that was a little personalized, but still useful. He has a great sense of humor for utilizing joke gifts- one year, he wore the Christmas tuxedo speedo for the Polar Plunge!

I decided I would get him something that would certainly go to good use for a male college freshman: food.

I remember being in college and rejoicing over late-morning classes. I could sleep in, and the only price I had to pay was missing the dining hall hours. No biggie- I would just head to the campus café and buy a snack, or wait until lunch to use my meal plan. That would have worked so well, but I failed to take into account three things:

1. Campus cafes charge a ridiculous amount of money for minimal options and small portions.

2. I did not have a ridiculous amount of money in my bank account to afford the café prices on a daily or weekly basis.

3. I probably could have made it through my first class and on to lunch....if I hadn't schedule my classes in a whole continuous block from 10:00-3:00.

I don't want my dear Bro to suffer the same fate- especially because this is a kid who regularly has two or three oversized bowls of cereal each morning.


The Cereal-gram:

It reads:

"Now that you're about to begin your adult LIFE, it's time for some advice...

Don't be too much of a FROOT LOOP...

Or the kind of person who TRIX people just for KIX...

Keep your LUCKY CHARMS close...

And remember- you're the TOTAL package!

But cerealsly- always be prepared..."

If I hadn't been recovering from illness, I might have made it a bit more colorful and whatnot, but I think it turned out okay for being half-sedated and woozy on top of already being craft-impaired on a good day.

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