Monday, November 4, 2013

Lazy Day Tea

There are few things that make me feel quite as cozy as a nice pot of tea.

Not a cup of tea, mind you. No- a whole pot.

And when I want a whole pot of tea, I want the whole shabang: teapot, cup, saucer, tea spoon, cream and sugar bowl.

Even if the sugar bowl is missing one of it's handles.

The secret to enjoying a pot of tea is to go cup by cup. Add the sugar (I prefer 1 lump per cup), pour the tea, stir in a spoonful of cream, and sip away peacefully.

Do not- I repeat, DO NOT try to mix your sugar and cream right into the teapot. This is not a pitcher of sangria or some mass produced swill to leave out on a self-serve bar. This is a tea service, by George, and you will appreciate the beauty and serenity of preparing one perfect cup after another!

Black tea, real sugar (perhaps infused with a bit of vanilla), and the heaviest of heavy cream.

In other words....

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