Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One Week Warning! MSP Restaurant Week is Coming...

Alright, ladies and gents- listen up. Minneapolis/St. Paul Restaurant Week is only one week away. Now is the time to formulate your strategy. Three (or more!) courses for $35 bucks: how will you ensure your palate is pleased by as many plates as possible? (Side note: alliteration is a beautiful thing.)

If I had to give some guidance in order to help YOU make the best restaurant week choices that you possibly can, it would be this:

1. Start Scouting Options Now

Here is the list of participating restaurants. There are a lot of options. I would recommend you look to see if any of your 'must try' restaurants have made the list. Think of this as your chance to scout out whether or not the regular $75-a-plate dining experience is worth it.  In my mind, if they can't deliver a solid dish during Restaurant Week, I certainly don't want to go back and spend 2-3x more for a regular dinner that will be sub-par. Conversely, if I go and have a phenomenal dinner, I'm totally going to go back and spend big bucks on a full-on fancy night out.

Side note: it's perfectly acceptable to eat out for lunch and dinner every single day next week. This allowance is coming from a recipe blogger, so you know it's serious.

2. Look at the Menus!

Even though these restaurants are offering an amazing dinner deal, I still want variety*. I'm drawn to the menus that list at least 2-3 options for appetizers and entrees. Ideally, you would dine with another person and order different dinners so you get the chance to try more things.

And don't ignore the 'add-on' items that some restaurants have listed! Yes, it's a touch more added onto your bill, but there are some great options for additional appetizers, wine parings, or protein upgrades that can't be missed!

*There are some restaurants that have only one RW menu option, and that's totally okay so long as I know that the quality is there. This usually means I've been to the restaurant before and I'm willing to forgo options for a guaranteed good meal. 

Minnesota Nicely Picks for Restaurant Week 2016:

  • All Around Choice: 
  • Go There, Probably Ignore the RW Menu:
    • Sanctuary: okay...I'm actually not going to do the RW menu because when I went to Sanctuary's website I started drooling over their insane, inventive menu. I am totally going there on an Aunt/Niece dinner date this coming Monday. Will report back.
  • Something Mom Would Approve of:
    • HauteDish: though some reviewers have found their consistency to be off, I say go for it. My dining experience at HauteDish was lovely. Obviously get the Tater Tot Hautedish. Was that even a question?
  • When You Want a Food Baby:
    • Fogo de Chao: With tableside meat carving service including sirloin, pork, chicken and lamb, I guarantee you will not leave hungry. And don't get me started on those sides. 
  • Ethnic Cuisine Wildcard:
  • Because it's Friday and Because it's Lent:
So there you have it, folks. This is how I will gain 20 pounds in 7 days. 

And now I wanna know- where are you going to go to forsake your skinny jeans? 

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