Friday, September 9, 2016

What I Do When My Husband Is Gone

My husband has been away a lot this year for various Navy-related reasons. There haven't been any long deployment-stints to deal with, but rather a smattering of one or two week trips that have become frequent enough that I've developed a pattern of activity in his absence. We're coming up on another week of temporary Navy-Wife-Table-for-One-Syndrome, so for everyone who has ever asked "what are you going to do while he's gone?", this list is for you.

Order Pizza

Yeah. This happens within the first two days of him being gone because my husband is always opposed to pizza while I, meanwhile, could eat it every day. In fact, that's usually what I do when he's gone. I order a giant pizza and live off of it for the week. #NoShame

Do My Social Rounds

I don't want to sit at home by my lonesome every evening while my husband is gone, so I try to fill up my card with friends that I haven't had the chance to see in a while. (And then in the morning while I'm trying to get ready for work while chugging Gatorade and aspirin, I'm reminded why I don't see some of these people regularly....)


I love my husband, but he's a trash tornado. I don't know how he does it. When he's around, I can spend a day cleaning and within 30 seconds of him being home there's suddenly a sink full of dishes, a random stain on the counter, dirty clothes on the couch and 10 different crumpled receipts on the coffee table. HOW. When he's gone, I'll spend a day cleaning and then get to enjoy a tidy house for the entire time he's away. It's a beautiful thing while it lasts.

Watch the Chick Flick

I have a standing watch list on Netflix and Amazon Prime that I dip into only when my husband is gone. I get to be the stereotype: cozy couch, ice-cream, wine, sappy movie, ugly cry.

Have a Weekend Getaway

I LOVE long drives by myself. I get to belt out Disney tunes, drink as much Diet Coke as I want, and NOT have to stop for my husband's unusually small bladder. My favorite weekend road-trip is a quick 2 hour drive to visit my lovely friend, Katie G. Maybe it's due to the nostalgia of college days past, or maybe it's because she spoils me rotten and there's typically a bottle of wine waiting, random gifts, and plenty of "You ROCK!" conversation to enjoy all while lounging in a hot tub. Come to think of it, I don't know why I don't do this every weekend.....

Miss Him

Of course I have to end this list with something cliche and lovey-dovey. I do try and have fun when he's gone, but at the end of the day everything that I do is always better when he's part of it. That's probably why I love the guy so much- trash tornado and all.

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